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Empowered Living
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From Bible Teacher, Author, Pastor Kenneth L. Birks

Breaking Free - Empowered to Run Freely

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Empowered Living

Christian Inspirational poetry intended to encourage, build faith and draw believers into a love for God and His Word. May God bless you richly, today, as you seek to find all that’s been hidden away for your personal discovery.

Breaking Free: Empowered to Run Freely

Wounded and broken, gasping for air, we struggle to be free.
Filled with pain and anxiety, lost in confusion, we suffer.
Screaming in uncontrollable anger, rage releases to offend
Mistreated, abused, and ignored, stuck in denial, we carry on.
Drowning in self-destruction, we languish without hope.

In despair, blinded by deception and injustice, we struggle.
Knowing no other way to move forward, we give into apathy.
Disillusioned, groping about in blindness, we struggle to see.
Not knowing where to go or what to do, we look for a ray of hope.
In the distance beyond hearing, a voice is heard in the wind.

Reminded of similar voices from the past, we strain to hear.
With a glimmer of hope, faith of a mustard seed, gives birth.
The voice becoming stronger, we strain to hear more.
Drawing attention to the festering wound, the voice motions.
Knowing the ugliness of the wound, fear drowns the voice.

Not willing to let go, the voice draws closer in empathy.
Not willing to lose touch, we give ear in desperation.
Responding to empathy given, we dare to peel the scab.
With gentle encouragement, the voice soothing, we peel.
Overcoming a rush of fear, confidence surges with hope.

Empowered with new confidence, faith rises to break free.
Openly acknowledging the wound’s ugliness, healing begins.
With a surge of faith, the voice enters, revealing Himself.
Known as the Holy Spirit, He comes to show the way.
Empowered to break free from all that binds, we submit.

Embracing promises for healing and overcoming, we press.
Forgetting the past, with a clean slate, we make straight paths.
With hands lifted, we look to Him above, who sets free.
Confidence and assurance brewing, healing takes hold.
Hinderances gone, darkness dissipates, no longer giving place.

Set free to run with endurance, the heart fills with vision and purpose.
Vision filling, destiny opens before us, filling with peace and joy.
The joy of the Lord strengthening, past wounds fade in significance.
Thankful for the voice in the wind beckoning forward, we give praise.
The prize before us, we give ourselves freely to Him who beckons.


Breaking Free - Empowered to Run Freely

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Ken Birks has written a masterpiece of superb continuity. The majestic flow from theme to theme contains powerful prophetic revelation, as God calls His end-time warriors to arise. I was also amazed by the poems that followed each devotional – the words were Davidic and musical – they flowed like a delightful stream with heavenly impartations. – Edward Becker, Senior Pastor, Naches Valley Community Church, Yakima, WA

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