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Empowered Living
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From Bible Teacher, Author, Pastor Kenneth L. Birks

Perfected Forever in Righteousness

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Empowered Living

Christian Inspirational poetry intended to encourage, build faith and draw believers into a love for God and His Word. May God bless you richly, today, as you seek to find all that’s been hidden away for your personal discovery.

Perfected Forever in Righteousness

A lamb without blemish, He came for those defeated.
Perfect in all His ways, His righteousness exceeded.
Without sin, His Father’s will, He pursued to free all.
Clothed in the righteousness of His Father, He bled.
Giving His life in all things, those defeated believed.

Embracing His cross wholeheartedly, He bled to save.
Becoming sin, He erased the sins for those believing.
Crying out in agony, betrayed, and forsaken, He bled.
A lamb led to slaughter; He became our righteousness.
Giving up the ghost, He died a sinner’s death for all.

Prevailing over death, rising from the dead, He overcame.
His righteousness now ours, we stand in His perfection.
Satan defeated; He gained the victory for all believing.
Believing in the power of His resurrection, we partake.
Because He was forsaken, we stand nurtured in hope.

Clothed in His righteousness, we embrace His cross.
Embracing His cross, we turn our hearts in repentance.
In the power of His resurrection, we leave behind sin.
Without sin and shame holding back, we pursue holiness.
Locked into His righteousness, we press to glorify.

Though perfected in His righteousness, we trip and stumble.
Asking forgiveness, we readily receive Him as our substitute.
As a merciful High Priest, we now run boldly into His arms.
Forgiving us, He clothes us in righteousness to fulfill His will.
Perfected forever, in His righteousness, we overcome in all.


For by one offering He has perfected forever
those who are being sancitified.
Hebrews 10:14

Christ's Righteousness in us

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Ken Birks has written a masterpiece of superb continuity. The majestic flow from theme to theme contains powerful prophetic revelation, as God calls His end-time warriors to arise. I was also amazed by the poems that followed each devotional – the words were Davidic and musical – they flowed like a delightful stream with heavenly impartations. – Edward Becker, Senior Pastor, Naches Valley Community Church, Yakima, WA

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