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Devotional Poetry, Treasures from Above

The Treasures of Your Heart
From Bible Teacher, Pastor Kenneth L. Birks

Unlocking Treasures of the Heart

Prose and Poetry to Refresh the Soul

Treasures of the Heart
Christian Biblically oriented devotional poetry. These poems are intended to encourage, build faith and draw believers into more of a love for God's Word. They describe how God's Word will fill our hearts with HIs great treasures

Unlocking Treasures of the Heart

HHidden away in obscurity, desires unachieved lie in wait.
As areas of the heart remain locked, destiny lingers.
Hidden deep in the recesses of the heart, treasures await.
In obscurity that which begs to be opened, unlocks.
Eyes of understanding enlightened, discovery inflates.

Holding the heart’s keys, Insight reveals the kingdom within.
As questions seize, light breaks through the cracks therein.
Insight giving way, that which was locked, opens.
With treasures glimpsed, hope appears for what’s exposed.
Undetected areas uncovered; treasures appear disclosed.

With destiny no longer lingering, divine abilities unearth.
As faith moves forward, all things pertaining to life disperse.
With treasures opened, the heart presses forward in fervency.
Forgetting the past, it reaches forward, laying hold, fearlessly.
Free from chains of darkness, the heart rejoices in discovery.

As seasons come and go, treasures appear when required.
With each season, new treasures lie waiting to be opened.
Faithful is He who holds, giving keys needed or desired.
Unlocking abilities, innate and divine, new treasures appear.
Oh, that we might know Him, who has the keys to the kingdom.

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Treasures of the Heart


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Treasures of the Heart
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