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Rise of the Anointed Ones Devotional Poetry
From Bible Teacher, Pastor Kenneth L. Birks

The Voice that Thunders

Christian Poetry, Inspirational Devotional Biblical Poetry

Anointed Ones
Christian Inspirational poetry intended to encourage, build faith and draw believers into a love for God and His Word. Discover the voice that transforms thunder and shaking into a kingdom that emerges with transforming power. May God bless you richly, today, as you seek to find all that’s been hidden away for your personal discovery.

The Voice that Thunders

Speaking from the heavens above, His voice thunders.
Awakened to the reality of chaos that surrounds, we ponder.
As thunder explodes at the sound of His voice, we give ear.
Knowing others who did not escape His thunder, we take heed.
With His kingdom emerging at the sound, we follow His lead.

As His voice thunders and shakes, He removes what offends.
No longer attached to all that offends, we stand in reverence.
Giving ear, we stand ready in godly fear to serve in deference.
With the removal of offenses, hearts no longer clutter.
Experiencing the kingdom within taking shape, we press.

As thunder transforms to joyful sounds, all shakings, we embrace.
Knowing shakings produce greater deposits of grace, we rejoice.
As kingdom authority takes root, stability arrives with assurance.
Ready to run with the horsemen, we stand prepared as He thunders.
Taking charge, we’re no longer engulfed in fear of chaos that covers.

With unseen authority as a guiding light, we follow vigorously.
As the heavenly voice thunders, we move in sync as His great army.
Those hearing, march perfectly as His voice thunders vehemently.
With lives fully invested in Kingdom authority, we press on savagely.
As Satan’s domains crumble, we recover all, now fully restored.

With great exploits, we press on to a kingdom fully restored.
The Garden of Eden before us, we run, leaving chaos behind.
Like flames fire that devour, nothing escaping, we run to gain.
As His voice thunders, we execute His word, all is obtained.
The earth quaking, heavens trembling, stars diminishing, we reign.


Heavenly Father, I open my heart to You in such a way to hear all You have to say concerning how I should respond. Use me to influence others during times of stress and shaking. Keep me sensitive to the voice of Your Holy Spirit in all things.

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Rise of the Anointed Ones is like a voice in the wilderness calling God's beloved away from all that distracts to HIm who is jealous for His bride. The reader who hears and responds will bring joy to the heart of God and encouragement to others who have put their hand to the plow. -- David Fredrickson
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