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Rise of the Anointed Ones Devotional Poetry
From Bible Teacher, Pastor Kenneth L. Birks

The Path of the Righteous

Christian Poetry, Inspirational Devotional Biblical Poetry

Anointed Ones
Christian Inspirational poetry intended to encourage, build faith and draw believers into a love for God and His Word.
May God bless you richly, today, as you seek to find all that’s been hidden away for your personal discovery.

The Path of the Righteousness

Drawn to the light shining on the dark soul, we turn in wonder.
What’s this light revealing such darkness within, now drawing?
With the light shining so bright comes an intense tugging.
An often-ignored path becoming visible beckons to consider.
Entering with much apprehension, the light calls for surrender.

Stepping into the unknown, newfound peace floods the soul.
As apprehension and fear dissipate, faith and courage unroll.
Filled with delight, pressing forward, anticipation rises.
As enlightenment swells, tasting fruit from the path emerges.
With new discovery birthed, a sense of invincibility surges.

With freedom tasted, pressing on, we follow the light, so awed.
Led to encounter the light’s source, the Son of God is revealed.
Upon investigation, a locked gate blocks, begging to be unsealed.
Holding the key, He says, “In Him, we must trust and yield.”
Receiving the key, we realize we must now confess Him as Lord.

Speaking with such affection and kindness, our hearts rejoice.
Sensing love washing over, we yield to the warmth of His voice.
Yielding to the key given, we notice several now attached.
“These are the keys to the kingdom for your journey,” He indicates.
Speaking of trials, treasures, gifts, and blessings, they unlock.

Going from faith to faith, righteousness reveals in abundance.
Stepping further into the unknown, fear dissipates in wonderment.
With minds filled with revelation, mysteries become more evident.
Destiny filling our minds, in peace and security, we move, yielded.
No longer apprehensive, we delight in the path now revealed.

Darkness once ruling dissipates, giving way to the light now reigning.
Keys given, open treasures, giving insight to trials and hardship.
Spiritual gifts opened with His keys bring forth purpose, so burning.
Awaiting His fullness dispersed, we walk the path, the Son shining.
Like the light of dawn, the path shines brighter with His glory revealing.

Heavenly Father, I come before You to give thanksgiving for seeking me out and helping me to find this excellent path. Your path of righteousness exceeds my expectations. Help me never to forget or take all you have provided on this path for granted.

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Rise of the Anointed Ones is like a voice in the wilderness calling God's beloved away from all that distracts to HIm who is jealous for His bride. The reader who hears and responds will bring joy to the heart of God and encouragement to others who have put their hand to the plow. -- David Fredrickson
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