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The Day of the Lord

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Anointed Ones
Christian Inspirational poetry intended to encourage, build faith and draw believers into a love for God and His Word.
May God bless you richly, today, as you seek to find all that’s been hidden away for your personal discovery

The Day of the Lord

As darkness and oppression take over, alarms begin to sound.
With the Day of the Lord at hand, a voice thunders, “Get ready!”
At the sound of the alarm, inhabitants of the land begin to tremble.
With the alarm reverberating throughout the land, madness rules.
As the voice thunders, alarms go off, captivating all who hear.

Awakened out of spiritual slumber, revelation incites action.
Darkness gripping hearts everywhere, many stand in wonder.
Poised for action, many stand ready with their lamps lit with oil.
With the day of the Lord at hand, a sense of urgency captivates.
Like a mighty rushing wind, His fullness comes to those with oil.

As lamps fill, signs and wonders disarm. those caught in the madness.
Touched by the anointed ones, hope invades those lost in darkness.
Miracles with great exploits multiplied, the anointed one’s minister.
Fulfilling prophetic words from prophets of old, they dispel darkness.
Multitudes upon multitudes in valleys of decision, turn in repentance.

The sickle put to the harvest; He reaps with an abundance turning.
Spewing venom in anger, Satan knows the Day of the Lord is near.
Those reaped, the Father rescues as Satan spews venom like a flood.
On wings of an eagle, anointed ones escape to a place of refuge.
Nurtured and provided for, they dwell as havoc wreaks everywhere.

No longer restrained, the anointed out of the way, Satan’s fury releases.
With power to kill and destroy, the foolish ones without oil, he martyrs.
With power to deceive, usurping God’s authority, masses follow blindly.
With the anointed ones taken out of the way, God releases His wrath.
Seven Angels given seven vials; they pour wrath on all inhabitants.

With God’s mystery finished, the culmination of all things is at hand.
The fullness of His wrath released; Mighty God signals He’s ready.
The Day of the Lord at hand, the Righteous One mounts His Horse.
The dead in Christ risen, the anointed ones are caught up to meet Him.
Gathering His troops from the four corners, they mount up and ride.

With Armageddon as their destination, the Day of the Lord arrives.
The inhabitants destroyed by His brightness; He takes possession.
Setting feet on the Mount of Olives, He’s ready to set up His throne.
With Satan, the antichrist, and the false prophet bound, He conquers.
Ruling and reigning a thousand years, the Day of the Lord fulfills.

Lord, help me maintain my focus on You and all that you desire to do in my life and those around me. Help me be a diligent watchman and ready to respond to all that comes my way.

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Day of the Lord Poem, Poetry

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