Biblical Devotional Poetry
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Devotional Poetry

Devotional Poetry, Biblical Poems
From Bible Teacher, Pastor Kenneth L. Birks

The Discovery of Knowing God

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Devotional Poetry, Biblical Poems

Biblical Poetry
Biblically oriented poetry that is intended to encourage, build faith and draw believers into more of a love for God's Word.
This poem describes how in knowing God we come into more of an intimacy with Him that causes us to be all that we can be in Christ.

The Discovery of Knowing God
By Ken L. Birks

You are intimately acquainted with all our ways, forevermore.
You know our thoughts, dreams, fears, sins, and more.
Where can we go? Nothing is hidden from You, yet You still love us.
Your thoughts towards us are more than can be numbered.
Our thoughts must be brought into your captivity, unencumbered.

Oh, that we would know You as You have known us, even in our sin.
Your greatness is beyond discovery. Where do we begin?
In Your Word and creation are hidden keys that reveal who You are.
Hidden treasures are discovered as we search for You with persistence.
Intimacy is discovered as we seek with all our hearts, without resistance.

As we seek You, misconceptions of who You are disappear.
Your Holy Spirit teaches us as He reveals Your nature, so near.
As we meditate on Your beauty and majesty, we discover Your ascriptions.
In Your Word we meditate and search out Your divine distinctions.
With Your Word and Your Spirit we go forth in discovery of who You are.

Your generosity fills our hearts as we observe Your handiwork in creation.
Your beauty and magnificence, uncover Your creative zeal.
Myriads of stars, streams, mountains, waterfalls and more, You reveal.
Your beauty and majesty are discovered by all who have detected.
In discovery, we know You as we open our eyes to all that You have created.

In Your omniscience, You have known our future and paths we take.
You go before us as a guiding light, knowing what’s already at stake.
How can we but trust in You as we navigate through dangers and pitfalls.
You thoughts are only of peace, to give a future filled with hope.
The more we discover, the more Your nature is revealed, which calls.

You alone are incomprehensible and inexhaustible in power and deeds.
In omnipotence, nothing is too difficult for You as Your power exceeds.
As You perform, You do the hard things, making our part attainable.
We do not underestimate Your power towards us in all things, assailable.
In discovery and knowing You, we remain linked to Your divine ability.

In all that you have created, Your eternal Godhead is clearly portrayed.
We are without excuse, as the sun, moon and stars are clearly displayed.
All energy is derived from the sun, as with the Father having life in Himself.
The moon reflects the glory of the sun, so Your Son reflects Your grandeur.
As Your Spirit is everywhere, so are the stars of heaven in all their splendor.
As we live and move in Your splendor, we experience Your intimacy within.

Scripture references: Psalm 139:1-3, 7-8, 40:5, 2 Corinthians 10:5, Psalm 145:3, Proverbs 25:2, 2:4-5, Psalm 119:2, John 14:26, Psalm 127:4, 19:1. Jeremiah 29:11, 32:17, Romans 1:20, Acts 17:28, Psalm 89:34.

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These poems will eventually be in a book titled, Treasures from Above.

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