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Cultivating a Spirit of Newness

Christian Daily Devotionals to Refresh the Heart

Anointed Ones
Christian Biblically oriented devotionals that are intended to encourage, build faith and draw believers into more of a love for God's Word. They describe how God's Word will fill our hearts with HIs great treasures

Cultivating a Spirit of Newness

Let’s face it, we all desire new things. They inspire us until the newness begins to wear off. God’s desire for our lives is to give us a new heart that constantly springs forth with a sense of newness thrusting us forward into His purposes for our lives. However, it is our responsibility to cultivate our hearts so that we keep the essence of newness alive while engaging in His assignments.

Ezekiel 36:26 I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.

The problem is our hearts constantly get trampled on by the world and its desires along with life’s circumstances. We tend to become hardened as a result. Therefore, if we are to remain in a state of freshness with a constant sense of newness, our hearts need to be cultivated daily. We must continually break up the fallow ground of our hearts if we want the seed of newness to produce the desired fruit.
- Hosea 10:12

The word cultivate means to prepare for raising crops, loosen or break up the soil, foster growth, and improve by labor, care, or study. The next verse in Hosea explains why our hearts get hard from being trampled on. It says we partake of the fruit of lies and trust in our ways. The worldly system of thought is full of lies because the father of all lies, Satan, controls it. Yet, we find ourselves attracted to his lies and ways of thinking by trusting in our ways rather than God’s.

In John the Baptist’s message to those who came to him for baptism and heard his message, he gave good instruction on cultivating and bearing fruit. When he arrived on the scene, John came with the message, “Prepare the way for the presence of Jesus.” He came to plow the ground or cultivate it so that those who heard him could prepare for the newness that was about to spring forth for the Nation of Israel and the entire world. - Luke 3:4-6

What was the message John used to get their attention? How did he go about cultivating their hearts so that they could hear the message? He began by using shock treatment to get their attention by calling them a brood of vipers. Using shock treatment helped them see their hearts' condition and need for repentance. He was showing them the wretchedness of their sin. Even though we are new creatures in Christ, we change from glory to glory, which means, if we are to maintain a sense of newness, we must continually recognize and repent from the wretchedness of the sin that holds us back from going to the next level of change.

The Baptist then began to strip away their protective shields by telling them, “Do not begin to say to yourselves, `We have Abraham as our father.' For I say to you that God is able to raise up children to Abraham from these stones.” What is John doing? He’s tearing away everything that was secure to them. They said, "We're good Jews. We obey the commandments. We're God's chosen people.” He first attacks their sense of righteousness and belonging in God's sight as to who they are.

He strips away their protective shields to identify with their need for a Savior. By stripping away their protective shields, it allowed them to see the actual condition of their hearts. We should ask ourselves, “What kind of protective shields do we have around our hearts that we need to allow God to tear away to reveal our true condition before the Lord?”

As we take his message to heart, we become sincere in our repentance. The Father is looking for those to whom He can draw unto Jesus, and this can only happen as a person's heart is prepared through brokenness, which paves the way for cultivation.

The Baptist then hits hard on the theme of repentance, introduced earlier in the passage when he said, "Therefore bear fruits worthy of repentance.”

The Baptist continues to reveal the types of temptation that are common in all walks of life of which repentance is necessary. To those blessed with abundance, his message was to provide. To continue to horde amid needs is a sin that requires repentance. To the tax collectors or those in charge of collecting various fees, his message was to be honest. To soldiers, police officers, and those in places of authority, the message was don't intimidate, accuse falsely and be content. John's message was simple. There must be a change in the heart – God is about to act – Judgment is coming – And you must have a new life!

What particular temptations in our spheres of life and influence do we deal with continually that cause our hearts to harden through sin? God is calling all of us to repent and turn to Him so that the times of refreshing will come. He desires each of us to experience the wonderful newness that enables us to walk with a sense of enthusiasm and zeal that brings us into the fulfillment of all our hopes and dreams. The words of the apostle Paul express this thought perfectly - 2 Corinthians 7:11

Therefore, it is expedient we take to heart the message to prepare the way for the presence of the Lord. But, first, we must ask Him, “What areas of my heart have I allowed to become hardened by the pressures of the world and the circumstances of life?” Then we must break up the fallow ground by applying His word to those areas that have become hardened by our sinful ways.

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