Habits Driven is the Game Changer by Joe Siau Author
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Habits Driven is the Game Changer

By Author, Joe Siau
About the book, Habits Driven is the Game Changer
As long as I have known Joe, he has been very results-oriented! I was fortunate to recruit Joe as a college student to sell books door to door for the Southwestern Publishing company while he attended USC. He met me in Nashville, TN, and agreed to sell books 80 hours a week on the east coast for the summer. He not only finished as a top salesman for the company, but his leadership skills were also incredible for the next two years. Joe worked hard, studied the sales material, and was incredibly teachable. His character is impeccable. Joe had clocked in at least 3,000 hours in the book field, and he is a subject matter expert in human nature, getting results, and a great marketer. Thirty-eight years later, I had no doubt Joe would be an impressive family man, have a successful career, and is a pillar in his community. The details and examples Joe shared in this book will profoundly affect YOU when you read every word to the end. His book will read like a Tom Clancy novel; action-packed! Get ready for some life-changing perspectives. - Review by Monette Howell-Sedberry

Five Star Amazon Reviews

Wish I would have read this when I was in school. I was introduced to Joe's book recently through a networking group and am incredibly impressed with its contents about discipline and habits. It is very well written and easily digestible, but the wisdom of the book has obviously taken a liftetime to develop. I wish I had read this when I was in high school, and then again (several times) in college and as a young person just going into the working world. The insights and practical advice within this book are truly priceless. I definitely recommend - and at any stage of life - JH Verified Amazon Purchase - Reviewed in the Unitedd States on February 28, 2023

Practical & Inspiring. I have known Joe since High School. He has always been driven and for him to write a book about his experiences makes perfect sense. The chapter that tesonated with me was about his kids. I have a daughter who is graduating from College (2023) and to hear the experiences of Stephanie and Jeremy was very encouraging - Amazon Customer.

Will help keep you motivated, easy & interesting to read. Very Inspirational. Looking for motivation and reminders to keep going forward, this is the book to read. Real life challenges and how to stop making excuses and keep putting one foot forward. - JS Reviewed in the Untied States on February 28, 2023

Great Book! So many thought provoking ideas shared! An enjoyable read! - LeLand

Developing Good Habits. Very motivational, well written, a great read. - Adele Gallus

Inspiring real life journey with practical advise! Highly recommend this quick read. Joe Siau shared his personal life experiences and asked the readers to introspect their own. I am most impressed his hard work, perseverance, and ability to adapt. These are necessary skills that one can not be taught, but must be habitually practiced. If one takes a path that is less traveled, this book will make all the difference. - Amzon Verified Purchase

Good Read! I was super impressed how Joe had put so many examples, details, and content together. This book is a must read from teenagers to adults. - Amazon Verified Purchase

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