Habits Driven is the Game Changer by Joe Siau Author
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Habits Driven is the Game Changer

By Author, Joe Siau

Joe Siau, Author of Habits Driven is the Game Changer

Joe Siau, Mortgage Lender

About Joe Siau

Joe Siau has built a successful mortgage practice over 21 years in Roseville, CA. He was ranked in the Top 1% of Scotsman Guide Mortgage Originators in 2020 and 2021 amongst over 550,000 lenders in the United States. Joe's worldwide business and cross cultural perspectives have been his source for new and bold ideas; and Joe is not afraid to share how he capitalized on it through developing new work habits. Joe is a subject matter expert in home mortgage financing and a #ProblemsSolvingPro. You will enjoy the thoroughness of Joe's insights. You will appreciate his work ethic and integrity. You can count on Joe as your friend and lender for life. You can learn more about Joe by reading his book, "Habits Driven the Game Changer."

As a published author in four Continents: Habits Driven is the Game Changer,  Joe’s career extending from financial advisory with Merrill Lynch, tax preparation with HR Block, real estate sales, practicing environmental law compliance with the Department of Defense, and implementing quality control with HP and IBM, Joe has accumulated many perspectives to be your trusted Reverse Mortgage Specialist, Certified Mortgage Advisor and Certified Divorce Lending Professional. “I believe everyone deserves fast, professional non-legal/non-binding advice without paying for it instead of spending time researching and paying for consultations. I believe everyone deserves WOW service! I believe everyone deserves homeownership!”

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