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Treasures of the Heart

From Bible Teacher, Author, Pastor Kenneth L. Birks

Treasures of the Heart

Christian Daily Devotionals

Christian Biblically oriented devotionals intended to encourage, build faith and draw believers into more of a love for God's Word. They describe how God's Word will fill our hearts with HIs great treasures

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Treasures of the Heart



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Treasures of the Heart
Daily Devotionals


1. Treasures of the Heart




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Rise of the Anointed Ones
By Kenneth L. Birks

The "Rise of the Anointed Ones" is a 40-day devotional book that perfectly fits our present times. As you read through the 40 devotionals, you will find a beautiful blend of timeless truths fitly applied to today's culture and challenges. The majestic flow from theme to theme contains powerful prophetic revelations as God calls His Anointed Ones to rise. Each of these devotionals stands on its own, but together they will propel the reader into a rewarding journey of experiencing God's presence in tumultuous times. Each devotional ends with a Davidic poem in nature flowing like a delightful stream with heavenly impartations. "Rise of the Anointed Ones" is like a voice in the wilderness calling God's beloved away from all that distracts to Him who is jealous for His bride.

Review: Ed Becker, Author, Sr. Pastor writes:

"Ken Birks has written a masterpiece of superb continuity. Each daily devotional I read, along with the poem, and special prayer, became my favorite in the whole book – until I read the next one. As I finished the manuscript, I realized each devotional revealed timely end-time strategies to enlighten, equip, and inspire the believer. Each devotional also challenges the reader to grow, mature, and pursue the highest level of Christian conduct."

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