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From Bible Teacher, Pastor Kenneth L. Birks

Caught in the Father's Pursuit of a Lost Soul

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Christian Poems, Devotional Poetry, Testimony Poems

Biblical Poetry
Biblically oriented poetry - poems that are intended to encourage, build faith and draw believers into more of a love for God's Word.
This poem describes
my salvation experience in coming to the Lord that is found in the Book below.

Caught in the Father’s Pursuit of a Lost Soul
By Ken L. Birks

In a moment of panic, I cried out in desperation to be free.
I discovered You in captivation as my life flashed before me.
Like a fish with a hook in its mouth, I was caught.
Not ready to submit, I fought the hook, trying to spit it out.
You didn't fight me, but let me run with it, so blind.
Not giving up on me, brought peace to my fragile mind.
Whenever the line jerked, I knew You were still there.

Not ready to be caught, I looked for adventure and excitement.
Why do I run, fighting Your hook, resisting being captured?
Freight train hopping from place to place, I often wondered.
Like a fish with the hook in its mouth, you’d reel me in periodically.
Only to let me go again to my sinful ways and stubbornness.
How long will Your patience last, I wondered, in my distress.

Your patience exhausted me, breaking me down, little by little.
The battle for my soul continued to rage on in non-committal.
My soul grew weary as I encountered a series of disillusionments.
What is it that was resisted  – Your unfailing love or fear of surrender?
Lost in in a maze of mixed up philosophies, I stood in wonder.
What was it that I discovered so long ago that drew me so near?

Sensing the day coming, in stubborness, not giving in, I was denied.
Lost in a state of confusion, I desired, but didn't quite know how.
Blindsided, being caught in a hypnotic trance, I finally decided.
In a moment of intense struggle, worn out from the fight, I caved.
You were there at the end of the road with arms wide open, waiting.

Your patience and kindness took every opportunity, waiting to intercept.
You outwitted my stubbornness and deception without force, drawing me.
You led me to a moment of awe-inspiring revelation as my spirit leapt.
It was You I was looking for all along. Why did I wait, so distraught?
Forever grateful for Your diligent pursuit, a lost soul was now caught.


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