Biblical Devotional Poetry
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Devotional Poetry

Devotional Poetry, Biblical Poems
From Bible Teacher, Pastor Kenneth L. Birks

Authority from on High

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Devotional Poetry, Biblical Poems

Biblical Poetry
Biblically oriented poetry - poems that are intended to encourage, build faith and draw believers into more of a love for God's Word.
This poem describes God's awesome authority and how we as believers can approach Him and experience His authority in our lives

Authority from on High
By Ken L Birks


With flashes of lightening the Lord speaks from on high.
His authority is awesome, with mighty displays of power and might.
We stand in awe with all that He has created with the sound of His voice.
He is held in fear and awe to all those who ascribe to His glory, so bright.
How do we draw nigh to One with such authority and power from on high?

He who is above all is near to those who are humble and contrite of heart.
From the blood of His slain Lamb we now approach with boldness.
He welcomes us with open arms and invites us to dine with Him, in closeness.
He covers us with His robe of righteousness as we stand in His presence, set apart.
A sense of newness washes over us as we gain new footing with a new heart.

We bask in His Word, a lamp unto our path, showing us the way, so commanding.
Though His thoughts are higher than ours, we gain new understanding.
As His Word renews our minds, it washes over us as we sense His cleansing.
We discover His thoughts towards us are peaceable, full of hope and expectation.
With newfound boldness we approach Him and ask for anything with invitation.

Like flashes of lightening, new revelation and insight, our minds exude.
With His divine nature being imparted into our spirits, our minds are renewed.
With His Word sharper than a two edged sword, we discern His voice, so stout.
A new authority begins to give way to the old that was filled with unbelief and doubt.
In moments of quietness, His gentle voice gives instruction for the new route.

We realize we have connected with the One who speaks with such authority.
We give thanks to the One who has counted us worthy to bear His Name in sincerity.
With our names written in His great book, His name is recorded in our spirit.
Where His name has been recorded, He now daily loads with blessings, happily.
We now belong whole heartedly to Him and have become a part of His great family.

With newfound authority, we Journey forward with courage as we face the unknown.
Destiny and purpose fill our hearts as we move forward embracing His great throne.
The peace longed for fills our hearts with joy as we embrace His grace, now shown.
Our hearts are full as we ascribe honor to Him, giving praise and glory to His name.
We now walk in His authority that’s been extended to all those who were drawn.

Scripture references:
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