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Ken Birks

Author Ken Birks with Lydia Birks

Ken Birks is an ordained Pastor/ Teacher/ Author in the Body of Christ.He was the Sr. Pastor of Golden Valley Christian Center in Roseville CA for 12 Years.  He has been a born again Christian for over 40 years and is now semi-retired in Roseville CA.

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About the Book

The devotionals are designed to enhance your relationship with Jesus in all aspects of your walk. They’re meant to draw you into a deeper understanding of how the Holy Spirit and the Word of God work together to conform you into the image of Christ. The aspect that separates this book from other devotionals is that each devotional ends with a biblically inspired poem that encapsulates the essence of the devotional.


Dr. Jay Zinn, Author, Pastor, Discipleship Maker, writes, “There are few authors who can take theology and turn it into a devotional series of divine, inspiring nuggets and poetry. Ken Birks is such an author who penetrates your heart and soul to want to know God better. I highly recommend his 40 Day Devotional book—Treasures From Above.” Nicole Larsen, Poet, writes, “I’ve never met anyone with the holistic view of scripture that Ken has. As an avid devotional reader, I have never read one that ties scripture and poetry into daily readings to make something truly beautiful.

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  Prophetic Purposes and the Zeal of the Lord
When Sovereignty and Free Will Meet

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The Journey
Discovering the Invisble Path

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  Prophetic Purposes BookThe essence of this book considers that God has sovereign purposes that will yet be fulfilled through His sovereignty. In performing them, He uses imperfect vessels do so. How does our free will work together with God’s sovereignty to bring forth His purposes to fulfills them from one generation to another? This book explores these questions and much more. We discover that one of the Father’s most significant traits—His patience combined with our obedience allows us to be involved with Him. Book: The Journey by Kenneth L. BirksThe goal of this book is to give you, as a Christian, a glimpse into the path God has purposed for your life and to help you seize your destiny and purpose. In doing so, you will be able to live the rolecreated for you. Whether you are just starting out your journey, anywhere in the middle, or have become detoured and lost your way, this practical guidebook will help shine the light on the invisible path that not only leads to God’s goodness and experiencing His kingdom within, but also to the greatest adventure of your life.
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  Book: The Adventues of Space and Hobo by Ken BirksThe Adventures of Space and Hobo tells the story of Ken’s vagabond life after Vietnam. It explores the on-the-ground confusion and chaos of the Vietnam War and its effects on a generation. Named Space by a new friend, Hobo, Ken and his traveling companion hit the road to partake of all the possibilities of that generation in search of adventure and uncharted experiences.They were looking for what was real, authentic, and the invisible mysteries behind it all. The story takes us step by step along the path of an awakening of a lost soul, on his way to finding understanding.
Small Group Lessons for Facilitators
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