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Christian Poems, Prose, Poetry

Christian Devotional Poetry, Biblical Poems - 2018
From Bible Teacher, Pastor Kenneth L. Birks

Hearts, Totally and Freely Committed

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Christian Biblical Devotional Poetry, Biblical Poems

Christian Biblical Poetry
Christian Biblically oriented poetry - poems that are intended to encourage, build faith and draw believers into more of a love for God's Word.
This poem describes
what it means to be a committed believer who is involved in the prophetic purposes of the Lord.

Hearts, Freely and Totally Committed
By Ken L Birks

© 2018 Straight Arrow Ministries

Saved according to God’s purposes we’re drawn.
Filled with excitement and wonder, we respond
With hearts engaged, we come with expectation.
Having tasted of His goodness, we commit to Him.
With hearts filled with hunger, we ask for more.

What is it that is that is required, we ask?
Hearts freely and totally committed, He responds.
What does that entail and what’s the cost, we ask?
Hearts committed as living sacrifices, He responds.
With hearts filled with questions, we count the cost.

Looking down from heaven, He finds those who seek.
Will we be those whom He finds, we wonder?
As we count the cost and fully commit, He finds.
Now ready to fully discover what’s ahead, we engage.
With hearts fully set on His purposes, we rejoice.

With hearts fully engaged, we discover His gifts.
We learn to behave like Christians, walking in obedience.
We learn to be fervent in spirit, rejoicing in hope.
We learn to be patient in tribulation, counting it all joy.
We’re sensitive to the needs of others, clinging to goodness.

No longer slaves to sin, we’re untangled from worldly affairs.
With our decisions now based on kingdom realities, we rejoice.
No longer my will, but His will, we freely give generously.
Walking circumspectly, time is redeemed for His desires.
Freely and totally committed, we bask in His goodness.

Scripture References: 2 Timothy 1:8-9, 1 Peter 2:1-3, Luke 14:27-30, Psalm 14:2, Romans 12:1-2, Romans 12:9-21, 2 Timothy 2:1-4, Matthew 6:33, Mark 14:36, Ephesians 5:15, Matthew 6:19-21.


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© 2018 Straight Arrow Ministries 


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